Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 25, 2008

Weekend Paintings – still life’s haunting me

But the painting I wanted to do, didn’t happen yet.

Here’s what I painted this weekend (see Two More Still Lifes over at – and yes, the Self Portrait I did last week looks really good.

Have to be careful not to copy other titles to posts that I’ve done already – I was about to call this post “Two Still Lifes” but I did that already, so I’ll this post “Two More Still Lifes”.

I started on this one last night, briefly, then left to go to Mashable Party in Manhattan – Attended Mashable Meetup Party tonight in Manhattan.

Today I came back and worked on the still life a couple of more hours but it’s not the image I had in my mind to paint – and honestly, it’s more of a study.

Still Life 1

Honestly, I didn’t get what I wanted here – but I got something.

Still Life 2

Both are on 18 x 24″ Canvas paper.

Let’s see, the painting I wanted to do is something out of an early Caravaggio – more about the feeling than the photo realism.  There’s also other reasons I’m thinking of Caravaggio – he’s the favorite painter of a friend of mine.


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