Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 25, 2008

Blogger getting more vocal with GrandCenteral

Interesting that Voice over IP is becoming more and more common, and now Google is putting on it’s Blogger Platform according to a post I read at MarketingPilgrim titled Call a Blogger with GrandCentral – perhaps the only caveat is that most bloggers don’t want to talk to their readers over the phone!

“…but the news today is that if you have a Blogger account, you can add a GrandCentral button to your sidebar. Then people can call you without knowing your phone number. You can screen the calls. My guess is that most bloggers would rather write than talk on the phone. I’m more likely to answer the phone if I’m billing someone for consulting (see Ether).”

But there’s a lot of other types of blogs that represent businesses and maybe they would find GrandCentral on their blog very helpful.

Here’s more information in case anyone wants to do this. Personally, while I don’t mind a call once in a while, I doubt I’d want to get calls from most of my readers – besides, it would drive up my mobile phone bill (if that’s where it ended up being routed to).



  1. […] added Voice over IP Interface to it’s Blogger platform using GrandCentral, as reported in  Marketing Pilgrim in a post titled Call a Blogger with GrandCentral. […]

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