Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 31, 2008

Forrester Research Eats JupiterResearch

I wrote about JupiterResearch gets aquired by Forrester Research at today – but I think Research Analysts are underpaid and overworked/traveled based on recent research I’ve done – and frankly, while I think this merger between Forrester Research and JupiterResearch is a good thing for Forrester, I don’t think it is particularly good for the Research Analyst.   ValleyWag wrote about it today in a post titled  Forrester acquires Jupiter, creating monopoly in Internet quote-factory market

Analyst firms exist for two reasons: First, to dispense words posing as wisdom, for free, to journalists, as a publicity scheme to get their name out. Second, to dispense words posing as wisdom, for large sums of money, to corporations, who have read their quotes in the press. Forrester Research is acquiring JupiterResearch, which will have the salubrious effect of reducing the wear and tear on reporters’ phone keypads. And instead of two wrong predictions? Only one. We hope the antitrust authorities do not block this deal.

After looking at the recent defections from Forrester Research of Charlene Li and a few others I had the distinct feeling, a sinking feeling in my gut.

Why?  Research Analyts appear to be pimped out resources of the Analyst Companies – they need to pass on more of the spoils of Research to the Analysts, that’s my opinion.

Also, by getting rid of one Analyst Company, JupiterResearch, the shortfall (of burnt out Research Analysts) is being filled by Forrester devouring JupiterResearch.

That’s what it seems to me – I hear a lot more people wanting to quit being a Research Analyst than join – but maybe I’m reading the tea leaves wrong.

BTW, I’m happy to say that I secured away from Know More Media and it will soon be moving to a new home with all it’s content intact:

I do want to bring up one piece of news for those who follow – my readers can rest assured that I’ve secured from Know More Media and it will soon be moving to a new blog network that I’m forming with Sebastian Wenzel of

We’ll move into Word Press and keep all the content I wrote over the last two and half years plus we’re looking for more bloggers to join us – but we’re still working out the way we’re going to form and run this blog network – more like a community – perhaps focused around Analytics, but not limited to it.

More about this news, soon – but feel free to blog about it or contact me at now dot seo at gmail dot com.

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