Posted by: Marshall Sponder | November 9, 2008

Economic Reboot

In ‘A fundamental reboot’ Jeff Jarvis brings up this very telling point near the end of his long post about attending the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council meeting in Dubai

“….An unspoken theme I saw through the three days here was control: those who had it losing it and not knowing what to do, not understanding that — according to Jarvis’ First Law — today, when you give up control, you win. That, to me, is the fundamental change occurring here. I am in the midst of those who control and they must learn, according to David Weinberger’s Corolary, that there is an inverse relationship between control and trust.”

I have to admit, giving up control, transparency, is hard, both in Local, National, International politics and policy, and even in our individual lives – I know that I have the same issues, personally – but wrote very obliquely about it in Rainy Cloudy Sketches in Art New York City today – and sometimes, I’ve had a problem understanding what rules to apply, where.

Here’s also, Jeff Jarvis’s view from Dubai from his hotel room, a few days ago, just a thought, to add “local color” .

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