Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 22, 2008

Facebook Traffic is leveling off, other Social Networks too – are people losing interest?

Now that I have access to ComScore MyMetrix, I can pull the data I’m seeing in other reports, based on ComScore, for myself. The actual story is on Are U.K. Users Burning Out on Social Networking? in Read/WriteWeb but the story is more about Facebook and US Visitors, as reported by TechCrunch in a post titled Facebook Fatigue? Visitors Level Off In the U.S.


The number of people who visit Facebook has been leveling off over the past few months in the U.S., and even dipped by about 800,000 individuals in January. According to the latest stats from comScore, Facebook attracted 33.9 million unique visitors in January, 2008, down 2 percent from 34.7 million in December, 2007. Maybe all that friend spam has something to do with the decline. Will the Facebook fatigue get worse, or is this just a temporary dip?

Worldwide, Facebook is still doing fine.”

Or is Facebook really doing fine?

Both MySpace and Facebook are showing signs that people are saturated. I found I’m also using Facebook just a little bit less in the last couple of weeks than I did before.

Usage of Social Networks is moving up, if your talking about doing it at Work – but is dropping slightly if your doing it at home:

And University Students and personnel/teachers are using Social Networks less, as well:

I think people are using Social Networks more at Work but less at Home (which I didn’t show) and that’s part of the decline being talked about in TechCrunch and Read/WriteWeb.



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