Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 24, 2008

Worldwide Traffic Usage for major Social Networks

Interestingly enough – when you look at comScore MyMetrix with some creative ideas you can find out all kinds of stuff. Earlier tonight while walking over to my studio I was thinking about Social Network Fatigue with Facebook Traffic is leveling off, other Social Networks too – are people losing interest?

But is it really leveling off – and is the changes due to some overall situation where people are just losing focus and interest on Social Networks?

comScore – Worldwide

Facebook seems to be growing, at least, when looked at WorldWide (due to large gains in Canada and India, based on measured panel data)- but when looked at from the United States only, growth in Social Networks is FLAT (see below):

comScore – United States only

As far as comScore is concerned, Twitter an Second Life are so small a part of the Internet population they’re hardly noticeable on the chart.

My hypothesis was to prove that there’s been an overall shift in how Social Media is being viewed, but I don’t think I’ve yet proved anything much – will try to work on it some more on Sunday.



  1. Great post.

    I wanted to get a little more detail on the metrics themselves, especially given your assessment that “Twitter and Second Life are so small a part of the Internet population they’re hardly noticeable on the chart.”

    I’m assuming that these are Web numbers. If so, I think you’re dead on. Twitter and Second Life are a small part of the WEB population–but maybe not the INTERNET population–because the bulk of the folks on those services don’t use the Web to interact with them.

    Second Lifers use an application and Twitter users tend to use desktop apps or mobile devices to hit the service.

    Just curious, because I get similar red flags being raised from widget developers when I start talking about “traffic numbers” that are based solely on Web site metrics.

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