Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 22, 2008

Web Analytics Consulting Future

Semphonic’s employee’s have been posting to their own blogs for a while now (at least 6 months) but Gary Angel’s SemAngel is the only one I’ve read regularly – and that blog has been in existence much longer than the others.   However, I came across Paul Legutko’s Semphonic blog today (care a shared bookmark by S. Hamel in Google Reader) and read with interest about The Future of Web Analytics Consulting.

The idea is this – web analytics consultants work on the web channel, they use tools that relate to things you can measure online via the web channel (or online channel) – that’s our identity.   However, as Paul points out, companies are moving towards treating their business and an extension of the online channel and overlaid onto it.  That would mean a web data analyst might end up being called a call center analyst, a CRM Analyst or some other kind of analyst and the roles of being a web analyst may eventually dissolve into overall business intelligence analytics.

Like Paul, I’d hate to see what we do end up losing it’s identity and Legutko doesn’t think it needs to happen.

However, I’m not sure what the landscape is going to look like 3 years from now  – it may well be that 5 years from now the Web Analytics Association would have already changed it’s name.  It’s possible.


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