Posted by: Marshall Sponder | October 12, 2008

Talking about Bias – look at this

Yeah, look at this – thanks to the plugin I installed on Firefox, which I wrote about in A Memorandum in Colors – it’s now possible to view bias and slant –

Here’s a full list of the posts but for some reason, I don’t see the colors being replicated.

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  1. I’m only light pink? What a ripoff!

  2. Your implicit contention therefore is that people of a given political preference talking about an issue is inherently an indication of bias rather than, you know: Preference?

    Very analytical.

  3. aah Lex,it’s a little bit more than someone’s “implicit contention” that a certain political group is beyond rude ,crude and at times violent.

    analysis documents it.
    as do arrests.

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