Posted by: Marshall Sponder | September 22, 2008

Concerned about the $700 Billion Bailout

I guess it makes sense to have a personal web analytics blog along with an industry analytics blog – while I have mixed them both up at times, my comments about Stocks Fall as Rescue Plan Is Negotiated are  best done here.

President Bush on Monday morning urged legislators to resist the temptation to add provisions that, he said, “would undermine the effectiveness of the plan.” Still, Treasury officials indicated a willingness to negotiate.

Here’s what I think – a bailout of this magnitude, using public money, needs to be examined closely – rushing it though, and perhaps, making it seem like anyone that has doubts about the $700 Billion Economic Bailout is putting the entire world economy on the brink, is bullshit.

And it looks like there’s been a lot of push back – which is good .

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  1. Good post.
    Yeah, I don’t like the idea of “moving quickly” and having this forced down our throats.
    I feel like we’re being robbed!

  2. […] take it’s place, but the disruption would be as  devastating as the events leading up to the $700 Billion Bailout is proving to be, and Google’s role has been as an enabler that made it much easier for many […]

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