Posted by: Marshall Sponder | September 20, 2008

Been so busy this week with conferences and life

One thing my readers might want to consider – is there a good reason for me to keep The Analytics Guru blog seporate from WebMetricsGuru blog that am writing to more regularly?

I think there’s a reason to keep a personal Web Analytics blog that’s different than the main blog I write to about Web Analytics, but in reality, I haven’t kept up the discipline and have put a lot of the content I might have written here over at – as I want to build it up, etc.

And I did a lot of posting in the last week at – stuff my readers here might want to check out (see below).

Personally, I’m torn about it – I am running out of the ability to post to 4 blogs every day – but that goes in waves too – sometimes I can, and sometimes I can’t.

SocialAdSummit Part 1 – branded experiences on Social Networks.

Social Ad Network Solutions – SocialAdSummit part 2

Social Media Metrics – Social Ad Summit part 3

Widget Optimization – SocialAdSummit

ative Social Advertising – SocialAdSummit part 5

OMMA day 2, Disintermedia panel

OMMA day 2 – Marketer’s Dilemma: finding and managing digital resources

Measurement 3.0 (in the next 5 years) OMMA Global – day 2

SpinScape – most exciting platform/product I saw this week

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