Posted by: Marshall Sponder | September 10, 2008

Nature of work, being effective as part of a team

Been thinking of what effectiveness is based on, especially in work and interpersonal relationships and I wrote a few posts on the subject in 2006 at focusing on the size and structure of small teams (I said when a small team has more than 6 people, being managed by one person, of needs to be split up or else you can’t effectively manage every member. Also, the Roman Army had as it’s base, small teams of 7 or 8 members, and leagions were made up of many of these).

My belief so far is “effectiveness” of a team member, and of the team, is partly made up of trust; but not as much in the actual amount of work performed, or even it’s quality, because, being seen as effective is a value judgement.

I think the real measure of effectiveness is learning how to create and nuture conversations that, ultimately, move the stakeholder, business unit, or company, forward in some tangible way.

Tying effectiveness to specific deliverables is often not realistic. In many cases, perhaps all cases, what can be achieved is circumscribed by how far those your working with or for are willing to go, the dynamics of your organization.

I am more for hiring individuals and forming teams based on roles, responsibilities and conversations the foster.


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