Posted by: Marshall Sponder | September 5, 2008

Thoughts about the last few days

I had a bunch of thoughts, ideas and goals over the last week or so and thought I would briefly mention them.

1. The IPhone is just about “there” as a blogging tool and replaced the laptop as the tool of choice for liveblogging at conferences. I did most of my posts using my 3G IPhone while at Virtual Worlds Hollywood and expect to do the same at the Web 2.0 conference, OMNA, Emetrics Summit DC and SocialAdSummit (and who knows, perhaps BlogWorld, if I can swing it, and LeWeb3 08 in Paris, if Loic and Cathy invite me).

2. In order to move up the food chain in one’s work, being a thought leader is important, maybe vital; I wrote a post today at The about how blogging done in the right way and for the right reasons, can be one method to achieve that goal.

Intact, I know a lot of people who work very hard, too hard, but they lost sight of what they need got themselves.

If my insight rings a bell for you, consider writing for; we’ll help you and you’ll be part of larger research projects where you can be seen by the world for your intrinsic worth.

Just go to and fill out the online form after reading our Terms Of Service.

3. Virtual Worlds Hollywood 08 was a good show, and I am glad I went, but not so much to learn anything new as to support my friend Jared Freedman, at this important industry tradeshow. did very well; I saw many IBM people, some I used to interact with, and by being there, helped cement it’s position as leader and main driver of metrics for the 3D Internet. I also assumed an advisory analytics role for Code4Software.

I see the 3D Web, now often referred to as Virtual Worlds, while still ahead of it’s time, as a vital technology platform, and by attending, I was where I needed to be at the exact moment of a major shift, as yet, invisible, but subtlly felt, just as the feather that drops from a certain birdsnest can be felt across the world.

On a related note, the Web Analytics Association is preparing draft releases of Social Media Metrics Standards, including a set of Standards for Virtual Reality.

The first set of draft standards are going to be released soon, perhaps within a few months. Stay Tuned.

4. Engagement Metrics, I wrote about what I learned from Virtual Worlds Hollywood over at today.

I got to see that engagement will be measured differently depending on being a site owner/publisher vs an advertiser.

If anything, what we need is some type of Rosseta Stone to translate one set of engagement to another, to figure out how and where to use one type of metric vs another.

For example, using Bounce Rate as a metric to apply against blogs is a whaste of time, as the bounce rate will be very high in almost all cases.

Well, that is about it for now, approaching Boston and it will be time to land soon.

And I used my 3G IPhone to write several posts while in flight. Ha!


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