Posted by: Marshall Sponder | August 30, 2008

More on our own nariation

Yesterday I wrote how all of us, I believe, surround our life with meanings based on what narrative we wrap around our life events and activities; perhaps, a value judgement is made and we feel good or bad, as a result.

That process I described, of self nariation, reminds me of painting. How so?

As artists knew, or discovered, there is no light and shadow in nature, these effects are created by our senses. We create meanings and patterns from the motifs nature presents much as the web analyst creates meaning from mountains of data by using ideation and segmentation capabilities built into analytics platforms.

But…what if nariation is also imposed upon us from the outside? For example, the recent developments with the Presidential race are “painted” differently depending on the point of view of the writers and reporters.

For example, to Evanglists, Sarah Palin has a lot of experience where to many others, her views could be described as disgusting.

What is the reality? It may be from within the strength of the narritive, checked against the results.

If anything, in my own life, in web analytics work I do, in art and on the political stage unfolding before us, I find a pattern of narritive that serves us to move forward or narritives that hold us back.

In this context, the narritive created by neocons on the far right has served to paralyze the country and, in many ways, set us back by 50 or more years.

Weather a point of view is right or not, isn’t really that important, I believe.

What is important, is the narritive we choose to describe our realities shapes those realities.

What we need to choose is the right narritive in everything (art, politics, analytics, etc).


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