Posted by: Marshall Sponder | August 29, 2008

Being Uncritically your own best friend

Thinking about how the events of our lives, my life, specifically, gets represented in the conscious mind.

For example, I haven’t painted much this summer, been occupied with other things, important, but, perhaps self absorbed, too.

Now, in my own mind I can play that story to myself in a few ways, and either feel bad (I am slacking), impartial (I am re evaluating the next steps in my art) or good (I needed a vacation to recharge my creative juices and I had fun).

At times, it’s important to be clear about what story, what way you represent yourself to your own consciousness.

I also believe my advice to myself also applies to analytics, as we need to look at data and tell a story.

What story do we want to tell?



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