Posted by: Marshall Sponder | August 23, 2008

South Park – the one in San Francisco, not the show plus Cento – the coffeehouse at the heart of Web 2.-

I was taking a tour of South Park yesterday, while visiting offices and Quantcast – Friday was a very productive day for me, and then I had dinner with Gary and Grace Angel and their daughters – Gary dropped me off at the airport – which was really great.

Today, I’m just trying to recover from the trip and I had posted about Saturday at a Tweetup in Park Slope I attended and The Center of Web 2.0 and tail end of San Francisco Trip, but had not actually written about Cento,  the coffehouse at the heart of Web 2.0, so I’m told (and the cappicino was great, by the way) .

I yanked his photo from Yelp – and the Cento cappuccino I had was better than I’ve tasted in most places.

Here’s my video, which includes the birthplace of Twitter – weird, but Twitter is less than 2 years old – so “history” seems some what over stating it – but the origin of Twitter, the place, seems almost like a shrine to Web 2.0, or South Park, or whatever.
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