Posted by: Marshall Sponder | August 16, 2008

Thoughts about Web 2.0

Slowly, is coming along – and I hope the new blog template will be put in place in the next day or two –  posted about Web 2.0 from my 3G iPhone using the WordPress application – but honestly, I find it hard to write anything long with the iPhone – why don’t they have a detachable keyboard for the iPhone yet?

Anyway – the Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide by Amy Shuen is one the best books I’ve seen, and I had to go out and buy it – had to have it.  You can browse the Web 2.0 Strategy guide online here.

Reading Web 2.0. A Strategy Guide by Amy Shuen, publised by O’reilly

I’m on my way to San Francisco Sunday morning for Semphonic XChange and Search Engine Strategies – it’s going to be a pretty darn busy week – if your at either event please come up and say hello.

BTW, here’s some thought I recorded this afternoon on video about the Web 2.0 Strategy Guide and measuring user engagement.  Posting will be light next week – or not – depending on how I’m able to set up and how much I actually stop talking to people and sit down and write something.

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