Posted by: Marshall Sponder | August 14, 2008

Social Networks for Bloggers and Blogs

So I’m trying to get issues resolved, and they are getting resolved enough that I’m posting to it, much as I would post, here.  Wrote a post today on Social Networking for blogs

WordPress’s social network – BuddyPress

The main issue is that we can’t really expect people to join a different Social Network for every blog they like – clearly we need to f igure out another way and I’m thinking that we really should have “Social Services” not so much, Social Networks.

Here’s the way it could work – just like we have RSS feeds everywhere – the mechinism to subscribe is pretty standard..right?  You don’t have some different kind of subscribing service or platform for every site  you go to …. such a thing can’t scale – but you could have a way of joining any blog that includes Social Networking attributes such as a profile, a friend list, a comment list, a history against that profile, etc – perhaps even some kind of intelligence in acting on the social data.

So what I think Blogging Platforms are doing/going, is a good first step, they’re building social services as part of their platforms, but it’s mostly glued to the platform – where as I what I see, is just the reverse – there is a service we join, that has all of our Social Graph info, and then we give persmission to sites we like to use it.

And then, there is a social network that launched, just for Bloggers, called Pijoo.  A post on Looking at Pijoo – a friendly blogger community over at Webnomena talks about what you can expect will be the next developments for a Social network focused on bloggers:

What else to expect from a bloggers social networks?

  • Collaboration:  I will be really happy to exchange posts. I.e. be a guest blogger and allow someone else to be one on my blog. Maybe a guest blog wanted bulletin board.
  • Comment rating: I sometime see comments to blog post that are better than the original post. I wish I could rate them and make them visible to others.
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