Posted by: Marshall Sponder | August 11, 2008

Should I try Tweet Pro? Is it really worth it?

I don’t know, but looking at the Affiliate Summit Boston Slide Presentation on Leveraging Social Media (I had a full pass to attend but passed on the pass, it was just too much travel with what’s going to be before me over the next month or so – I felt one more trip to Boston would not really work for me – so I didn’t attend – though it sounds like Affiliate Summit 08 Boston is a great conference).

I noticed that Tweet Pro was listed on Slide 30 of the deck in question so I decided to investigate and came up with an August 4th post in Search Engine Journal by Rhea Drysdale titled Tweet Pro Social Media Software, Pass or Fail?   The post got me curious to try Tweet Pro but when I looked at it, the screen shots and description I was remided of products I’ve bought such as Ad Word Analyzer, SeoElite, and such, that turn out to be not much more than an automation of some searches that you can do yourself.

I suppose, were  Cesar Serna’s Serna Media, Inc.  to give me access to the Tweet Pro for a week or so, I’d be happy to test it and see if it really does anything for me.

But here’s the thing – what I’m seeing in the screen shots suggests that more analysis is needed before presenting the information.  For example, a search on “Social Media” brings up several Twitter accounts but the characterizations are superficial – anyone who has mentioned “Social Media” in a tweet is isolated.

Sure, you can sort by the number of followers and updates, etc, but how much of the time do these accounts really talk about “social media“?   That’s a hell of a lot more important than the number of followers, in my book.

Also, Twitter, I’ve found, is most useful to connect me with people who not only share my interests but who also live near me or are traveling to where I am (or vice versa) and acts as a asyncrounous channel of instant communication.   All Twitter messages have information, meta data if you will, on the approximate location of the Tweeter (Twitter User) but I didn’t notice Tweet Pro presenting me with that information.

Sure, I can use Twitter Search to find tweetups or people nearby, much as I can use Twinkle on my 3G Iphone, to find people nearby me – perhaps they’ll even filter by interests – Tweet Pro doesn’t appear to offer those features.

And then, again, Rhea Drysdale’s post appears a thinly veiled product endorsement for Tweet Pro.

I’d have rather been asked to pay $59.00 dollars, or $99.00 dollars and bought the program and unlimited use and updates for, say, a year, than what Cesar Serna‘s program offers me – but then again, I didn’t break down and pay 10 bucks to try it for a day.

Maybe I should – or maybe Cesar Serna should just give me access and I’ll share my feedback and insight on how to improve the Tweet Pro, here.

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  1. Ironically, your post sounds like a thinly veiled plea for free software.

    As for sorting tweets by a search for “social media” you can choose to search for the terms only in a person’s profile. This is far more targeted than the general tweet search. You can also use basic search operations to fine tune your search further.

    There are other searches you can do and tools that can be combined outside of Tweet Pro to do virtually the same thing. Unfortunately, that requires a lot of leg work. This simplifies the process… especially for following.

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