Posted by: Marshall Sponder | August 11, 2008

Crowdsourcing your resume with Razume – Web Worker Daily

I have been thinking that many applications that are done manually now could be crowd sourced – for example, maintaining a large list of IP Addresses (I’m looking at such a project currently), or perhaps, sentiment analysis of social media content (blogs, message boards, social networks, micro media, etc) could be done using services like Mechanical Turk – or just some kind of community annotation service.

And so it comes to resumes – which makes sense to me – with Razume, that allows you Crowdsource your resume

” .. There are a variety of sites out there to help you build a resume that will actually get you a job. Razume hopes to stand out from the rest by making it easier for you to fine-tune a resume. After joining, you can use their tools to build a resume, or upload your current one. Then other site members can use a variety of markup tools and comments to offer advice and revisions. Armed with your newly-polished resume, you go off and get your dream job – at least, that’s the idea.”

Well, I haven’t tried Razume yet, but I’d be curious, just to see what the feedback would be.   But I’m wondering if the concept of crowd sourcing can be extended to things like art critiques, writing critiques, perhaps even to web analytics – though I have no idea how it would be done or how the work would be chopped up – I wonder, at the end of the day if our livelihood, down the line, won’t be from any one job we do, but a mulitple of little jobs that we do instead.

Just a thought.  Would be interested to hear what anyone thinks of Razume, btw.

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  1. Writing a resume is hard. Mostly because you are somewhat blind to your own mistakes (typos and such) and might have limited knowledge about what recruiters want to see. Razume’s service is specially targeted to age group 21-35.

    Trouble with resumes is that there is (/was) no easy way to get feedback. There are plenty of resume templates and examples around, but those won’t save you from yourself (namely making mistakes), because every resume is somewhat one of a kind.

    With Razume you can just build/upload your draft resume and we’ll walk you through.
    You can learn a lot from the critique, but actually I think that reviewing is the best way to learn writing resumes. My review count at Razume is currently above 120.

    You should try uploading your resume or just click on browse and you’ll see recent uploads, which most have critique.

    Juha Makkonen (Ras @ Razume)
    juha at

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