Posted by: Marshall Sponder | August 10, 2008

Leading@Google with Srikumar Rao – making a note here to view it all the way through

Sometimes, The Analytics Guru can also serve as a bookmark, just for my own use – though I think this video made at Google recently is worth a view by everyone – I’ve looked though it and want to set aside some time to really digest it fully – so I’m noting it here and I first saw the video on Social Media Today Creativity and Personal Mastery, summarised in one video

My only thought is that when you try to do something yourself, it’s often a lot more difficult (but useful, one ounce of something you’ve done yourself is more valuable than a 1000 volumes of other’s achievements).

With that in mind, the idea that we structure reality by our own mental maps, is not new – but is well explained here – and I’m always looking for something useful, some key, that makes my life work better – that makes web analytics work better (perhaps, this information can be applied here as well).

Anyway, take a look at the video below and post your thoughts here  – and I’ll add to them, my own, once I’ve looked at the video, hopefully later on today.

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