Posted by: Marshall Sponder | August 1, 2008 moving – Whew!

It’s happening – the transfer of domain is already taking place and the the blog will move off of Know More Media and quite possibly will be down for a day or two – (hopefully, not longer) till we get everything transferred and working in the new hosting environment.  I wrote a post Moving but – given the blog might be going down, thought I’d mention the whereabouts here – and if you want

However, is staying put for now – and I’ll be writing to it, as normal and as always, this blog is my personal web analytics blog – and I put anything and everything here.

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  1. Congratulations Marshall! I am thrilled you were able to keep the webmetricsguru domain (after all you build it with all your hard work).

    Look forward to seeing it when it’s back up.


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