Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 29, 2008

Moving and the B5media KMM story

I am in the process of getting control of the domain from Know More Media today or within a few days and hosting it in a new place and in wordpress. Also, I am writing this post from the IPhone with it’s usual limitations.

Last weekend B5 circled KMM and it’s bloggers like a vulture waiting to pick the scraps off a dying blog network.

I decided not to be scrap meat for B5Media (I could say more but will restrain myself) and am working with a fellow Web Analytics Blogger to form a new endevor, and you will hear more about that soon.

Also, I am getting ready for Search Engine Strategies in San Jose and Semphonic XChange in SF, both in mid August.

In fact, you will be reading an interview with Mike Grehan here soon.



  1. Marshall,

    You have my sincerest well wishes in your future success. We have been so proud of your accomplishments and it has been an honor to have you part of the network.

    I didn’t think you would be happy in another network, whether it be b5media or someone else. I think you will be happier in control of your own destiny and your own content. I completely understand that.

    You mentioned mistakes that we did that hurt the network. I agree we did make mistakes. I am always a believer that if you learn from your mistakes, you can avoid them in the past. I would be interested in getting your feedback on the mistakes we made and what things you would have done differently. Feel free to email me your thoughts if you wish.

    Best of luck. Hope to run into you in the future. I was excited to see you speaking at SES in San Jose. Congrats on all of your success.

    Tim Stay

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