Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 28, 2008

Move over Google, Cuil just arrived and is almost as good, on day 1

As TechCrunch just announced – Cuil has arrived and in the first hour has almost matched Google in quality and improved on Google in related categoriesGoogle Beats Cuil Hands Down In Size And Relevance, But That Isn’t The Whole Story

Yeah, Google – take that!   Honestly, Michael Arrington is more of a Google guy and says that Google has double the amount of search results for all the queries he tested than Cuil – as if that mattered (maybe “size” does matter to some people).

I briefly looked at Cuil and I liked it – I’ll play with it more today – but I’ll say this – if Cuil is this good in the first hour of existence, according to TechCrunch – it’ll continue to get better and better, and I think, give Google a run for the money.

I think we need some challenge of Google – if nothing else, to make Search Exciting – it’s no fun when all the really good stuff ends up coming from one place (yeah, I know that Yahoo! and Microsoft are coming up with a lot of neat tools too – but somehow, they don’t count as much because we’re all used to both search engines).

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