Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 27, 2008

house content is favored by the Google algorithm – further proof that Google stacks the cards in their own favor

House content is favored by the Google algorithm – further proof that Google stacks the cards in their own favor – a reference to Google Krol in SeoBook.

Content from Google (YouTube, Google Knol) is going to be favored in Google’s Search Results – which for most sites, are the only search results that really count – ha, ha,  ha… but it’s true – as referenced at SEOBook in Google Knol – Google’s Latest Attack on Copyright

“…. One day after Knol publicly launched Wil Reynolds noticed that a Knol page was already ranking. Danny Sullivan did a further test showing that 33% of his test set of Knol pages were ranking in the first page of search results. Danny was also surprised that his Knol was ranking #28 after 1 day. After citing it on his blog now that Knol page ranks #1 in Google!

Google’s House Advantage

From the above data (and the aggressive promotion of YouTube content after the roll out of universal search) it is fair to state that house content is favored by the Google algorithm.

This is all about killing Wikipedia – and making sure Google’s own content shows up on the top of it’s own search results, more and more.  Would it be a fair statement to say that Google, instead of reflecting the Web, wants to “become” it …. sorta of have you enter “The Matrix” … they will not only supply  the only really relevent results, but all supply all the content from those results – thereby, creating a system where what ever game, whatever query, what ever your looking for …. it’s in Google, comes from Google, is Google.

Not that it’s so bad .. Google does a lot of good – but as they go from being a Search Engine to a Search God, they are become more like a political and religious institution – they are beginning to sound like a bunch of Communists – in a one party system – where all the stuff you get to choose from and vote on is the from the same party, is the same people.

And that’s not good.
Going on further – Arron Wall shows that duplicate content is OK, if the duplicate is in Knol – and Google will rank the Knol content over any other duplicates out there – ha, ha, ha….. all this talk of authenticity… and then they come up with this …

” …. Some may call this the Query Deserves Freshness algorithm, but one might equally decide to call it the copyright work deserves to be stolen algorithm. Google knows the content is duplicate (as proven by the notification they put on their page), and yet they prefer to rank their own house content over the originally published source.”

Yeah, even if the source of the content was years older – on another site that published it first – if you go over to Knol and write the same content, Google will list that content over the original source – take that, authenticity algorithm!   If it’s from Google, it’s always better  – right?

“..Google Knol Undermines the Creative Commons Spirit

Some new publishers decide to license their work via Creative Commons (hoping to be paid back based on the links economy), but Google wants no part in that! All outbound links on Knol are nofollow, so even if a person wants to give you credit for your work Google makes it impossible to do so.

Google Voids YOUR Copyright

Why do I get enraged by this sort of activity? I remember when one of my sites was voted against, and Google paid someone to steal it and wrap it in AdSense. The person who stole my content outranked me for my own content because a Google engineer thought that was reasonable and fair.

To this day someone publishes, a site dedicated to stealing and sharing an old version of my ebook. As the opening post on that blog explains..”

By the way, I think I mix up Knol and Krol a lot in this post .. don’t know why – I think the whole Knol thing is so obscure to begin with.

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