Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 25, 2008

The Future of Facebook Connect dwawfs OpenID

I was happy to see Brian Solis post in Social Media Today on Facebook Connects Your Brand Across the Social Web and I believe it will end up replacing OpenID (if you like and use Facebook, that is).  Incidently, I was at a Facebook Developer meeting in lower Manhattan last night, which was fun – I don’t go to many Facebook events because they’re not too many that happen.

Here’s what Brian Solis (who took a very nice of shot of me a couple months ago at a Mashable party) has to say about Facebook Connect and the Facebook event he attended yesterday in San Francisco.

“.. One of the many announcements that was made at the company’s second annual developer conference was Facebook Connect, and it just way well be the epicenter of our social activity.

With just a bit of code, Facebook Connect enables seamless integration with the Facebook identity system. For example, if you’re commenting on a blog hosted on the Moveable Type platform, you can login with your Facebook details and not only will your comment and link to your Facebook profile appear on the blog, the activity of commenting is also linked back into your activity feed. Digg, another example that was shared on stage, now supports FB Connect, making it possible for Diggers to logon using their Facebook ID and for each story they digg, the activity is documented back on their profile.

I have no real problem with letting Facebook connect up the entire web experience – since I like Facebook – but I hear fears of Facebook and the Privacy Issue – are they just going to replace or join Google as a “Big Brother” surrogate?

My main thought about all of this – a lot of us use Twitter, Facebook and Google almost as they’re operating systems, and we ask a lot of the, and they offer a lot – they attempt to over deliver, but in essence, they’re attempting to take back something for giving us all of our information and letting them assemble it for us.

I guess – I see a role for Government here – all of this needs a level of regulation that we can’t expect the private sector to supply on their own.   More to come later.

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