Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 19, 2008

Circle of Trust?

I got this message from Facebook today…

Eight friends have rated your trustworthiness:

* You scored 4.5 out of 5 (Highly Trusted).
* Your political power index is 36 (SOMEBODY).

Gee ….. so does that mean …. I’m somebody?

I tried to find out who thought I was so highly trustable – but the application doesn’t tell me and just tries to get me to install other applications that also don’t tell me what I really want to know ….

Why bother telling me that I’m Trustworthy if I can’t find out who thinks that – you’d think with Social Media there’d also be a good dose of transparency … but not here.

I see this as another example of tricking people into installing more stuff than they need that doesn’t help them – it’s the antithesis of real social media, real transparancy.

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