Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 17, 2008

Social Networks for Corporations often a whaste of money / time

Read/WriteWeb has a post on Corporate Social Networks Are A Waste of Money, Study Finds; I found the Social Network for Cat Litter very interesting – though not many cats are joining:

Let’s face it, though. Social networks where a brand name product is what everyone rallies around are a dumb idea. They are stupid. No one should submit themselves to the indignity of creating a user profile and friend connections based on cola or cat litter. We have written before about the never ending market for niche social networks and we’re down with that. Hell, we like to read about countless niche social networks on the Ning Blog just for fun. If brand-centered social networks are failing, though, it’s probably because they are brand heavy and stupid.

The matter could probably warrant more thoughtful discussion, but instead we’ll leave you with this image, from Purina’s Breeze for Cats. It’s a “community” focused on cat litter. Ask yourself, is there hope for humanity?


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