Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 13, 2008

Obama – what you see is not what you got or what you’ll end up with

There seems to be a stronger and stronger sentiment in the Liberal Camp that Obama campaigned to the Left, promised change but now that he has secured the Democratic Presidential Candidacy he’s running as a Centralist and is not really promoting the change platform he ran on, sort of a “Bait and Switch” strategy – according to Obama’s Disgruntled Liberal Supporters in TalkLeft:

…. It’s the bait and switch we hate and it makes Obama a tougher sell now. He wasn’t honest with us. He promised reform and a new kind of politics and is relying on the same old Washington play book that’s been in use for decades.

I’m not surprised. It’s why I didn’t support him before the primaries. It’s why I wrote dozens of posts debunking his generic change theme. It has always been just campaign rhetoric.

….. it occurred to me how absolutely disingenuous Obama’s whole campaign theme of change has been. There can be no such thing as the politics of change in a presidential race because no one promoting substantial change could ever win. The numbers wouldn’t be there. Presidential politics is all about compromise and it’s unrealistic to expect anything else.

And it turns out Hillary Clinton is looking better and better as time goes on:

…. What’s sad is we had a centrist candidate who spoke her mind on issues so you knew exactly where she stood. You knew just what you were going to get with a Hillary presidency. You could practically take it to the bank. I, for one, appreciated the honesty. But, she lost.

Now we have a centrist candidate who said during the primaries he was a progressive candidate for change but now has become more centrist than Hillary, his former centrist competitor.

Let’s face it – people don’t really respond to honesty as much as they respond to what they want to hear – Obama’s strategy was to win, but the problem may be that many of his left leaning, younger followers, won’t forgive him for appearing to be for changes that he’s really not for.

According to a quick study using Radian6 that I just set up, many people are using the word “disgusted” with Obama since his win over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary last month:

Flip Flopping, while it is an issue, isn’t really the main thing – people know Obama has to move to the center to win – the problem is – Young People, who wanted to believe he was for change – now are becoming “disgusted” with him.

All we need is an “October Surprise“, and it could push the election over to McCain – I think that’s a possibility that is becoming more real, every day.

Perhaps, one thing that might help Obama is having a Woman Vice Presidential running mate – in fact, it will help both Obama and McCain, according to the Guardian –  US elections: Hunt is on for a female Veep.

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