Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 9, 2008

Virtual Worlds become hot again – and then again, RedRum!

I’ll cover the second thing, first, as maybe I’m mentally dysletic (just kidding) – but tonight I hung out with Dana Todd, Rebecca Lieb and a bunch of others at Nolita Lounge in the East Village – it was very nice and I met several new people along with some that familars, like Mike Grehan and Kevin Ryan (along with Rebbeca Lieb and Dana Todd, etc).  Here’s more info on the event I attended –; waiting to see some pictures from tonight – I’m sure some will show up soon – esp as Mike Grehan was taking several, and he’s a pretty good photographer.

Redrum Returns!

redrum%20img.jpegY’all have been asking for it, but it just didn’t seem right to throw another Redrum Tuesday with co-foundress Dana Todd in Left Coast exile.

Problem solved. Dana’s back in New York (it’s her Newsforce roadshow), so we’re doing it again. Our next Redrum is on Tuesday, July 8, 5:30 – 8:00 pm ET at the usual place, Nolita House ( 47 E. Houston, between Mulberry & Mott).

Newbie? Here are the rules:

You show up.
You buy your own drinks.
You talk with other people who work in interactive marketing.

Here are the other rules:

Meanwhile, no sooner do I finish a post on about – Having some Lively 3D Web Fun, care of Google – (one of the rooms I’m in can be seen here) then TechCrunch announces that Virtual Worlds are now cool again – Virtual Worlds Are So Hot Right Now: $345 Million Invested So Far This Year.

f it seems like everybody is starting their own virtual world, it is because they are. A report put out today by Virtual Worlds Management tracks $161 million put into 14 virtual-world investments during the second quarter of 2008. In the first quarter there was even more activity, with $184 million put into 23 virtual worlds and supporting technology companies. That brings the total this year alone to $345 million across 37 deals.

Of course, the worlds that have the most potential are those that can be easily used and entered into – and many of the worlds mentioned aren’t that easy to get into – and while Lively is slow, it is promising in that a fully interactive window into an indoor or outdoor world can be embedded as an IFrame, almost anywhere.


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