Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 9, 2008

SEO and Social Media, like two peas in a pod (or not)

My Twitter feed brought me news of Jennifer Laycock’s post at Search Engine Guide on Why the Social Media World NEEDS to Understand SEO – the post was very well written and made a point that all the social media in the world is largely wasted if you don’t have a site that’s built to take advantage of it.

Aside from what appears to be a technically lousy design concept from Ogilvy’s new Lenovo Summer Games Campaign, according to Laycock’s post.  But having worked at IBM, which is partially owned by Lenovo, and knowing people at Ogilvy, I can easily see why the Lenovo Summer Games site doesn’t function well as for the traffic it is supposed to generate.

Well, I bet if you speak to Lenovo about it – they will not even be thinking of the site as much of a traffic opportunity – they’re probably thinking Brand – and Ogilvy is good at Branding – but not so good at Search – no surprise here.

In fact, I know someone, well placed in Search, who thinks that all Advertising Agencies are idiots … well, at least, idiots when it comes to Search Marketing – and I bet that could be extended to Social Media, as well.

But the real mistake was the choice of technologies employed – had Lenovo did all the same things they did – but with lower tech, but more search friendly CMS, much of what Jennifer Laycock pointed out, would have not been a problem.

It reminds me that I wanted to say – that in our technology and information driven world – the choice of which technologies to use on websites has a fundamental difference in the traffic results, independant of the content, even.

In other words, if you don’t understand how your CMS furthers Search Engine Traffic and Social Media – if it’s not friendly to those goals – your probably making life a lot more difficult than it needed to be.

And look, if anyone was locked into unfriendly Content Management Systems, it’s IBM – and a lot of Lenovo’s technology and even technical leadership, comes from IBM, is in fact, IBM.

So, Jennifer, when you sware at the missed Lenovo Summer Games social media and search opportunities, care of Ogilvy, think WebSphere, think content that was not that well thought out by a distributed team that were not all that invested in the content, in the first place, or the technology, and you’ll get, very much, the results you mentioned.

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