Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 8, 2008

Vivaty- 3D Virtual World Plug in for Facebook / AIM IM

Heard from Robert Scoble and TechCrunch that Vivaty launched today – Vivaty Brings The 3D Web to Your Browser, Starting With AIM and Facebook

Vivaty Scenes is launching today in public beta on AIM and in Facebook. These are realistic rooms that act as virtual personal environments—a 3D version of your personal page. You can set the theme, decorate with furniture and other virtual goods, and chat with the avatars of friends who enter your room (they need to install the app as well). The best part is that you can bring in photos from Flickr and Facebook, or videos from YouTube and display them on screens in your room. You can play MP3 songs as well.

Here’s a Video that gives an example of what Vivaty is and what you can do with it:

Should be interesting once the platform gets to be more stable – I can see putting in quite a bit of time and effort to customize my own house, buy virtual objects – etc.  I think Vivaty can be a winner.

While Vivaty is hosting all the rooms to begin with, its technology is architected to become distributed, like the Web itself. Vivaty Scenes are created using standard Javascript and PHP, and can be hosted on standard Web servers. McCurdy doesn’t want to create another walled garden. He wants to bring the Web into the 3D world.

The way he plans to make money is to become the virtual “cash register” for all the virtual goods he expects will be traded between Vivaty users. He also thinks there are obvious advertising opportunities, including videos on the in-room screen, posters, and billboards, virtual product placement. It would be similar to video game advertising, except that it need not be disconnected from ad campaigns on the Web.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of metrics can be built around this virtual world and how much of it stays in Facebook, or can be extracted out of it.  Stay Tuned.

Interestingly enough, some big brands, like Target, have already embraced Vivaty – very interesting:

The big money, though, could be in branded scenes and Websites. For instance, today Target is launching its own Vivaty-powered Facebook application called the Target and Coke Zero Virtual Dorm Room. It’s a back-to-college thing where students can play around with furnishing and decorating their own rooms. The gallery of virtual items features products that can be found at Target, of course.

This sorts of virtual-world advertising hasn’t worked that well because it was disconnected from the regular Web and people’s social networks. Vivaty hopes to prove that, given the right context, this kind of branding can thrive. We’ll see.

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