Posted by: Marshall Sponder | July 6, 2008

Using Radian6 to read FriendFeed

I’ve been curious to know if a Social Media Monitoring tool like Radian6 can actually be focused on a particular account’s FriendFeed or Google Reader URLs and, if so, what value would that have?  I tried it on my own URL by creating a “Source Filter” and then pointing the profile I made to it.

The “FriendFeed” filter needed to have a couple of characters that would catch  most of the content in the FriendFeed, and I decided to go after a couple of words that were common in almost all the items in my FriendFeed:

And so, the first step was to see the kinds of words that concepts that I can pick out of the FriendFeed over the last day or so:

The Radian6 New Topic Cloud for my FriendFeed now looks like this:

And by clicking on the “Sale” keyword in the top line (in Red) I actually came to a very relevent story about the line for the sale on 3G iPhones has already been started since last Friday (July 5th)!

This story comes from and had 773 diggs when I viewed it tonight

I could see doing this kind of thing to focus in on the content of a particular site or series of sites  – to determine what’s most engaging – especially if there’s Social Media on a site – and there are several sites I work with now that have social media on them – but are themselves not blogs or social networks – yet they have elements that are “social”.

In that case, while it’s possible the content management system of a publisher’s site might give “them” (the publisher) the information about what was most commented on, most engaging.

But what if your not the publisher and you wanted to know, for example, what was the most important parts of a site that were interacted with (say a Newspaper like the New York Times); I could see where Radian6, and tools like it, can give you information on what’s most engaging about a site that has “community” or “social” elements in it – like, sites that have community based features.

And that can be very valuable information to have – in order to tell you what’s more interesting about a site from the people who use it.

I used the New Comparative Topic Monitor Widget to look at the common features in my FriendFeed and determine the activity of them over the last few days and I saw it was less over the weekend (no surprise); but Radian6 lets me click on any point in each line of the chart and give me the posts to my RSS feed sorted by Engagement – which FriendFeed can’t do, today.

And to make things even more relevant and interesting, Radian6 can also tell me which parts of my FriendFeed are more “influential” using the New Influence Viewer  –  which shows me not only the influential in my own selection of FriendFeed subscribers – but the posts or items that are most influential in my FriendFeed from those sources.

This leads to stories like Unite For Change: The Investment from with an embedded YouTube Video that had been watched over 60,000 times since late June, when it was published.

Darn! I’m good …  take a look:

Just another thought about how to use a tool like Radian6, whose owners have kindly given me access to use it.

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