Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 28, 2008

Playing with ComScore Segment Metrix – anyone what questions answered?

I’m evaluating ComScore’s Segment Metrix Product offering for a few more days and wanted to post both on that and AdMetrix over the weekend.  My mind, overall, is burnt out with all the stuff I’ve been doing of late and later on, this afternoon, I’m going out to see the FIGMENT Festival that’s going on at Governer’s Island just for this weekend.. and I will probably take a lot of video of it that I’ll post later to or even maybe, here.

So what can you do with Segment Metrix?

I was able to get the extimated traffic from Social Media sites to in April and May 08 – Comscore didn’t give me access to a full set of data – one has to subscribe for that – so all I get is a month or two of data – but it gives you an idea.

If you want to see everything in a category (like Conversational Media)

And it would be interesting to use Segment Metrix and Ad Metrix to answer question that, up till this point, were much harder to answer, more maybe, impossible to answer.

In the next week or so, I’ll focus on a series of posts on what I think Segment Metrix is capible of doing and how to best use it (if you can get access to it, that is).

Meanwhile, I notice John Battelle’s blog has an Interview: Gian Fulgoni, Chair, Comscore that talks about ComScore’s offerings in relationship to Google’s Ad Planner which some have called a ComScore Killer – but I doubt it will be, or is even intended to be.

I’m willing to try to answer some questions on specific sites (if they show up using ComScore) if anyone is willing to leave a comment here over the next week, or so, with the question they’d like answered.

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