Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 22, 2008

501 Facebook Friends

No, it’s not the an HTML Error code, it’s the number of Facebook Friends I now have, which reached 500 earlier this week.

Not a big deal, Robert Scoble (@scoblizer) has over 5,000 Friends, and 20,000+ Twitter Followers – I’m late in this game, the early adopters, who have a large network have really leveraged Facebook and Twitter, and probably will leverage the next platforms they jump onto.

But I can honestly say that both Facebook(Marshall Sponder) and Twitter (@webmetricsguru) have improved the quality of my life the and connectedness of it – and I can’t imagine going forward without applications like these or their successors.

But one thing I do want to say ….. for those of you who are thinking of getting into Twitter.  Without a Mobile Device that is capable of good, easy text input, without an internet browser capability, getting involved with Twitter on a limited mobile device is next to a whase to time.

In other words, if your going to adopt the Internet, adopt Web 2.0 tools, at least, go out and buy yourself an iPhone, a BlackBerry, a Nokia, or even what I use, a Tmobile Sidekick Slide (though I’m beginning to sour on the Tmobile platform because they’re not keeping up with newer developments fast enough – and the network coverage is slow and spotty – and there isn’t even at build in application for Twitter or Facebook, and many other platforms have this, and more).

If your not going to at, the very least, have a mobile phone that allows participation and interaction, Twitter is almost a waste of time, because they only time you can see what’s going on is when you’d be on a desktop or laptop, but not so much when your walking around – where the asynchronous communications, locational events, sudden “Tweet-ups” have the potential to happen.

And honestly, I haven’t gone as far with Social Media, as I’d have liked … and I don’t focus on LinkedIn, whereas I see many still do – more for professional contacts.

Anyway, I’m now working on my next 500 friends, maybe I’ll get to that number by early next year…. we’ll see.

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