Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 20, 2008

Google Trends takes on Alexa and Compete with Google Trends for Websites

Learned that Google Launches Trends for Websites which seems to be similar Alexa and Compete – so I decided to compare them on a set of,,,

Google Trends for websites gives you how each site did for unique visitors and also how they compare on a state by state level but gives no actual numbers and not even a scale – however I can still see it being useful, esp the state by state breakdown.  You can also look at how these sites to internationally by selecting each country in the drop down menu – gives similar information, but gives actual numbers – tough the state by state breakdown is not presently available.

However, looking at Compete’s chart I’m tempted to think of the ComScore MyMetrix comparison which has much, much different numbers – makes me wonder about the Compete chart because the Google Trends chart much more closely follows what ComScore says the traffic to the 4 sites above is, I’m giving Google Trends the heads up over Compete in “Accuracy” of the data, and least, for now.

Strangely, the Alexa chart gave me the least amount of useful information and doesn’t measure Unique Visitors, so I had to go with pageviews.  I suspect a lot of people have deinstalled the Alexa Toolbar who used to have it and think Alexa is probably not worth consulting or even comparing here – but I’ll show you the chart anyway:

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  1. Marshall, if you sign into your google account on the trends page (look on the top right of that page) then you can get actual number of daily unique visitors for the graphs. So google is providing with the equivalent of “people count” that compete is.

  2. Hello, Marshall.
    We already added Google Trends parameter to SeoQuake. It shows people count.
    You can get it here
    Note: you should be logged in google account to get data.

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