Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 18, 2008

Was at WidgetWebExpo – attended Widget Analytics sesion

I wrote about Widget Analytics at WidgetWebExpo – Brooklyn NY over at Webmetricsguru, but I wanted to save the best insights of that session for here.

I think that Widgets that have the functionality of parts of  site, but don’t bring you to the site when you click on them, are more valuable than a widget that you click on – and all it does, more or less, is take you to the site.   I want a fully interactive experience without having to go to the site that is actually powering the widget.

Also, Widgets are only active when they are displayed on a page and there’s a viral factor to widgets that isn’t really explored in Web Analytics, at all.   In fact, Web Analytics deals mainly on phenomena that happens on a site – which is fine – but most of the widget activity that may be driven by sites that have widgets of part of their content, have that activity going on outside the site – and currently, that’s not captured in any meaningful way (maybe it can’t be).

Attendance to WidgetWebExpo was low – though there were many good speakers and well known people who attended and spoke – sorry I could not stay around for most of it.

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