Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 18, 2008

FireFox Tweetup NYC

Yet another Tweetup that I attended tonight – but I was glad I went – here’s a picture @rebeccaforever took which I’m in – the others that were taken I haven’t seen yet.

Was talking with with @dingman @chrissieb about Community Builders – why is @whitneyhess and @mknell so good at it … but why can’t I, or anyone else, create community?

In a way, I don’t know what stops me from setting up Tweetups .. but I don’t ……… a lot of us don’t … and yet .. I get the sense, or feeling, that it’s not that hard.

I know I’d like to have a tweetup for @amycrehore when she visits NYC next month for her Art Show opening … and, at least, maybe we can have a Tweetup at the opening, in Williamsburg.

Another interesting idea I had today (maybe it’s the effect of the Full Moon, who knows) is about the intertwining of Art and Life – for example, why can’t I just sign my paintings  … @webmetricsguru  and put some clues and ideas about what I’m doing in various places on the web?

For that matter, why can’t Amy Crehore sign her paintings @amycrehore ?   I’m not saying one should do that … but why can’t one go all the way – and use the web to enhance what we do here.

It doesn’t seem that much of what I see, visually, visual art, does that; but I don’t see any reason why we can’t do it – just think people need to change the way they think.

Which reminds me – I went to deposit some checks at my bank today and found out there was a new ATM that doesn’t need a deposit slip and takes cash as a deposit – plus takes checks and scans them in.   I was unprepared for that … so unprepared, that for a moment I forget my own access code – I wasn’t ready.

I’m sure I’ll really like the new ATM’s that will be rolled out, pretty soon, everywhere – but the initial response to something new – often, is fear … .

I was embarrassed.  Being progressive, would suggest that I should not have had a problem with the new ATM, but I did.

Anytime there’s something really new – it can provoke reactions – often, instinctual, we may feel fear of that thing.  I used to look down on that kind of thing – many do – and yet, this isn’t really about me – it’s about fear of something new.

What would have made it easier for me?  Were Banks to advertise the capabilities of the new ATMs that they’ll roll out soon,  perhaps even with monthly bank statements and on the online accounts of it’s customers, I think that the experience I had today, would not have happened.

I think what I got out of this experience today – trying to deposit a check in a new type of ATM – is that acceptance of change is possible, perhaps, even easy – if it’s introduced gradually, first.

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  1. Yeah, Bank of America introduced these envelope-less, deposit slip-less ATMs at the beginning of the year (or 2007?). It seems odd to have your check sucked up by a machine but it does save a lot of paper. And the check reader gets the amount right about 85% of the time despite some really bad handwriting.

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