Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 14, 2008

Buzzlogic and Radian6 Mashup

I’ve written a lot about Radian6 and Buzzlogic lately (with Buzzlogic Influencer Charts , Conversational Measurement Toolbox from Federated Media, and Presidential Politics – playing with Radian6 plus Radian6 Social Media Monitoring Initial Review) – I’m working on some new ground – how to use those tools from a Web Analytics and Search Perspective –  and what I’m finding is that neither tool actually was designed specifically for what I want to do with them – but both could probably be adapted to work.

I’ll know more as I get my hands deeper into coming up the metrics around specific sites for case studies I’ll present at Search Engine Strategies San Jose and Semphonic XChange later this summer – in mid August – in the Bay area.

What I’m finding…. my background as a Web Analyst has “grounded” me, for better or worse, in a need to  look at Social Media traffic and influence as impacts what is called “Site side Analytics” today.

As someone who is used to troubleshooting, and who, several years back, used to decode mainframes by following the “tangled wires” to get at the source – I feel I must try to come to the fundamental truth behind these tools and  how it ties in to visitation that actually occurs on the sites being monitored.

For example, most of what I’ve seen from both Radian6 and Buzzlogic focus more on what is going on in Blogosphere and what goes in how to find the influences on any subject (based on Keywords).

But what about pointing the tools to a site and deciding what is influential for it?   No tool seems to do that – though I think both could be adapted to serve the purposes I will use them for – it’s just that I want this stuff in Omniture/Visual Site, Webtrends, Google Analytics, etc – because the “Site Analytics” are the foundation – everything we collect, should be tied into the visit and unique visitor level.

Even this ComScore/Nielsen panel data – why don’t they do something really smart and export the url stems to all the Web Analytics Vendors so they can segment traffic easily and match up the, at least to the extent they can, the panel audience data with the actual web analytics data being collected.

Is that really so hard to do?   Take ComScore’s Conversational Media category – why not start there – export all the URLs and feed it into anyone who wants it (on a monthly basis) and then we can import them into Omniture/Visual Site (plus get Google involved …maybe they’ll go for it) and allow site owners and analysts to look at their data with the same categorization that ComScore or Nielsen does…when people want to look at it that way.

Is that so much to ask for?

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