Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 10, 2008

Ranking Manager 6.0 Review from Website Management Tools

I’ve been a frequent user of the original Ranking Manager 1.0 for over 5 years and, long ago, found Web Position Gold wasn’t really that useful for me in my Search and Web Analytics work – nor were the other Ranking products available much better. A problem of all the Search Engine Ranking Platforms a few years ago was the lack of Unicode Support and software that violated Google’s and other search engines’ Terms of Service.

When WPG was bought by WebTrends a while back, it was thought that WebTrends would improve the software – but they made only cosmetic changes and there’s actually less out there now to run your ranking reports well than before – and most choices were not that appealing, to be honest with you.

However, with Ranking Manager 6.0 a few references to it on, including the audiovisual section – though Ranking Manager 6.0 and Website Manager are essentially the same tool – which some recent changes keep more to the original Ranking Manager 1.0 (now 1.1) navigation and flow.

The first thing you do when starting up Ranking Manager 6.0 is creating a new project

Your also able to create multiple “categories” to place both your own site(s) and the sites of your competitors or clients – up to you:

Next you create the keywords your going to use – and you can put them in buckets – something that no other platform can do – why? Ranking Manager 6.0 is a full relational database – so you can actually query it in MySql if you wanted to – and you can add more sites later and still get a historical ranking report on them … something you can’t do in Web Position or Agent Web Ranking, or any other product I’m aware of.

I added a few keywords to just to show you what Ranking Manager operates – your can run these buckets as individual jobs or all at once, as part of the library – which is the sum of all the keywords (or urls, if we’re in the url section).

I created my own category with the Search Engines I wanted – and as you look at the search engines you’ll see many choices – including the full Unicode Support for those Search Engines:


And then you runurlur first queries – which are actually SQL queries run for you by Ranking Manager – queries you can manipulate if you want to.

And then your query runs

You can then customize reports and there’s a quite a few reports that Ranking Manager 6 comes with – much more than any other Ranking Platform I’ve seen – and many of these are customizable.

There’s a lot more to Ranking Manager 6.0 but I wanted to let readers know that if you need to buy Ranking Software, Ranking Manager 6.0 is the best and I suggest buying it.


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