Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 4, 2008

The Internet Marketing Conference and Diggnation Party – A long day!

Darn, this was a long day – and perhaps, somewhat disappointing, at least based on the Internet Marketing conference and Diggnation party I attended tonight.

First, the Internet Marketing Confernce

IMC New York
June 04, 08:00 AM — June 04, 05:00 PM
Hotel Pennsylvania
401 Seventh Avenue (at 33rd St.)
New York City, NY 10001-3412

Internet Marketing Conference (IMC)

Theme: Mobile Internet Marketing

How do you market to cell phone browsers? Learn from the best!

Join us in New York and listen to experts discuss location-based targeting, web analytics, testing, community marketing, widgets, strategy, promotion, type-free surfing, and creating a mobile experience that makes users come back for more.

Read more:

Second, the Diggnation party is described here:

June 04, 06:00 PM — June 04, 11:55 PM
Studio B
259 Banker Street
Btwn Meserole Ave. & Calyer St.Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY 11222

More Details & Signup Info »

Silicon Valley is coming to the Alley! Digg & Revision3 are teaming up during Internet Week for the next Digg Meetup with a LIVE Diggnation, the popular Web-based news review show hosted by Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht. Come raise a frosty pint with the teams & hear some very special announcements from Revision3! Join them at Studio B, the live music and DJ venue located in the trendy Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, from 6pm-midnight for music, fun, and more!

The problem with the IMC Conference is there was no internet connectivity and I could not hear what anyone was saying who was speaking – but there were some good networking opportunities – I just found I could not stay very long (an hour or two); a longer description came from WebAnalyticsBook in a post titled the Mobile Internet Marketing Conference.

Diggnation party was packed and I waited about 45 minutes to get in – but once I was in – I was just one in a few thousand people in dark, noisy space – I stayed a little more than an hour then left and came home.

While both events sounded really good, I ended up finding both somewhat different, and less, than I expected – but still worth attending. Here’s a movie of both events I made today.



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  3. The Internet and sound issues were both related to the hotel and are something we haven’t experienced before. We won’t return to that hotel.

    Despite those two issues we got some really nice feedback about the topics, speakers, and networking.

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