Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 2, 2008

It’s All About Performance…. Isn’t It? Attending the IAB Leadership Forum User Generated Content & Social Media

Here’s the first panel discussion from the IAB Leadership Forum User Generated Content & Social Media

It’s All About Performance…. Isn’t It?

There is no doubt about the enormous potential for advertisers in the social space. But in order to transfer value across the chain, marketers first require clear, consistent and transparent metrics. Moving the conversation about value from the anecdotal to the analytical is the first and most important step in allowing UGC & Social Media to reach its full potential. Join a panel of industry experts as they debate and discuss various models which go “beyond the click” to truly evaluate the success of the social campaigns.

Moderator: Aaron Dignan, Founding Partner, Undercurrent
Cam Balzer, VP of Emerging Media, DoubleClick Perfomics
Rob Crumpler, President and Chief Executive Officer, BuzzLogic
Alistair Sutcliffe, Vice President, comScore, Inc.
Terri Walter, VP, Emerging Media, Avenue A | Razorfish

What can be measured and what can’t be, right now?

Define the space and decide what you can measured and the platforms your using define some of the metrics. Right now we’re still in an immature stage at (clicks, velocity of a widgets, infectiousness of widgets, and not just behavioral, but sales as well – the value of the extended – how quickly is it spreading and the endorsement value – the pass along part of the campaign – not just the impression).

What about information overload?

Ad Effectives – please analyze ads individually and collectively, and we do ROI individually and collectively; in a true test environment, latency that break out site type and frequency type.

What we’re sitting on an opportunity to define activities that will layer into a multidimensional report. When you’re tracking a click to conversion they key challenge is scale while we’re looking at Social Media as permeating everything we do (Social Influence Marketing) and the qualities and additional metrics both are needed.

With Social Influence Marketing it’s socializing meets advertising – and time is a component and it starts to become measurable – there is a whole a life cycle that used to be measured as “Impressions” and “Purchases” when now we can do it, to some extent.

How do we measure what is Success?

View the channels as audiences expressing their needs, use that to target them. If we do an ad in Facebook, how to we decide how many Fans decides success? (look at how long that campaign is running and is it spreading, and is it impacting sales and purchase events). It all goes back to what you’re trying to do. Someone talked about a Levi’s – Project Runway ad that was running on Facebook and while we looked at pass-along, how many people visited the site from the entire pass along value.

But from every vertical there’s many stories you could tell – say you’re a financial company – just getting people to site is a victory, getting them to fill out a form, and the metrics should be layered – and every vertical has their own small goals

What is the difference between Passive vs. Active marketing?

It depends on what you’re marketing – with niche targets it is much easier to get interactive. Passive means you sit and watch a clip on Levi’s which is worth something – but nothing happens directly from that (at least that’s measured).

What is the Tremor Effect? How people go into their various Social Networks and Virtual Reality environments.

Is there a way to connect offline metrics and online metrics?

Profile targeting is something we need to think through (Profile is the person you say you are vs. who you actually are). But a lot of campaigns that don’t work when you don’t have any targeting.

There is a way to tie a Facebook Fan group to a series of Ads, and Influencing models.

Can you buy impressions per session in Social Media?

Interesting question – (I’d you have to define that in the back end of the Social Network Platform)

How are you data mining Social Media Traffic?

There’s a lot if richness in the data. The effectiveness tools should feedback to the planning cycle – and everything we do should


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