Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 2, 2008

IAB Leadership Council – Future of Social Media

The Future Is Now – What’s Here, What’s Next and What’s In the Way?

Advertisers and marketers are continually on the hunt for creative opportunities to be “in” the social space. The landscape is constantly evolving but there are some pioneers of the platform who “got there first” and did it right. This panel teaches future-thinking advertisers how to be on the outer edge of the social space by encouraging new ways of thinking as well as sharing emerging techniques & technologies which address the paramount issues of privacy, monetization, scale and brand control.

Moderator: Rohit Bhargava, SVP, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence
Aaron Lilly, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft
Geoff Reiss, CEO, Associated Content
Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus
Chad Stoller, Executive Director, Emerging Platforms, Organic

Getting people to say something positive about your brand is not going to happen easily. Are advertisers going to look at a different set of performance metrics against Social Media than they do with anything else? Yes, today it will be different but in 3 years, not, they’ll be the same.

But if advertising is going to spend money in a big way we’ll have to come up with a set of metrics that shows how the dollars spent are effective.

The future of User Generated Content is the utility of it – it’s Apps not Ads, ways your Brand can deliver real value – do you feel you have something more than advertising?

Considered purchases need to be measured differently than commodities.


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