Posted by: Marshall Sponder | June 2, 2008

Facebook – Practical Insights for Leveraging Social Media Workshop at IAB Leadership Council

Here’s another workshop I went to today at the IAB Leadership Council on User Generated Content.


Practical Insights for Leveraging Social Media

While the value proposition of social media for marketers is becoming clearer, finding the right plan of attack for your brand is not always apparent. This pragmatic session will give marketers effective examples and ideas they can leverage in their next campaign. Hear directly from Procter & Gamble, one of the world’s most innovative marketers, and their agency, MediaVest Worldwide, on how they are using social media and Facebook to connect with consumers in new ways. Immediately following, Facebook will share best practices to creating true audience involvement with your brand.

Note: what I think was interesting – and maybe the only thing that really stood out from this session – was using Facebook as a publishing platform, in and of itself, and by passing building websites, which is what people used to do.

Example of Tide – Objective – Generate awareness for Tide “Loads of Hope” promotion in a way that reinforces sharing – took it to the masses via Social Media.

Caveat: don’t force a behavior they don’t normally want to do.

Use Facebook News Feed to make people aware of the campaign.

500,000 branded message with Tide sent between users, and 250,00 gifts.

Herbal Essences Objective

Create Brand awareness and engagement around Herbal Essences

Solution – Facebook Page – created rich content experience in a way that used to placed on Websites. Open Source, sharing of content – we need to let go of the content and let them share it where the want.

Advice – use the Facebook Planning tool – use it the same as you’d use ComScore and Nielsen.

Facebook Photos – quickly became the fastest photo-sharing site.

Recognize Social Media as a Fan Generator.

Facebook Best Practices

Leverage the authentic

Understand the Environment – The CW, use tools community members use, and can become fans of an individual show not just the whole network. Give people an opportunity to share and be conversational in your messaging.

Stay Involved (need champions in the corporate env).


H&M Case Study:

Respond to community input.


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