Posted by: Marshall Sponder | May 30, 2008

ComScore buys M:Metrics

Read Confirmed: ComScore acquires M:Metrics for $44.3M cash in VentureBeat earlier today and meant to write about it but didn’t get a chance till now.

What do I think of this acquisition?

It makes sense … but I’d like to see ComScore integrate the metrics into it’s standard offerings without charging more money (by creating a “Mobile Metrix” product, similar to what they’ve done for Ad-Metrix and Segment Metrix.  As noted in VentureBeat:

….. the deal — which follows The Nielsen Company’s acquisition of mobile research company Telephia last August — is all about mobile advertising, a field where much of the traffic data is conflicting and unreliable. If M:Metrics can add reliable mobile numbers to the mix, Reston, Va.-based comScore will come even closer to domination of the traffic data market.

But lets face it … what is the value of this purchase?  Why really bother with it, in the first place?

Here’s what I think:

  1. Integrate mobile data in Source / Loss reports for all site properties (that would not, or should not, cost any additional money.
  2. Integrated mobile traffic date in local DMA reports
  3. Demographic information on Mobile Usage for a website and / or it’s competitors.
  4. Category listing – Mobile Traffic and Top Mobile Sites per website property.

That takes care of the part that could be supplied at no additional cost to the Core Reports.  But what about Mobile AdMetrix ..?  You can bet ComScore is going to end up charging for this information (pay back the 50 Million or so they spent on the acquisition, and then some).

At any rate, what this all comes down to is “integration” of the data.  In theory, I could go someplace else to get the mobile data, but then I’d have to guess how to mash it up with the other ComScore data – whereas ComScore can and should do it for us.


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