Posted by: Marshall Sponder | May 25, 2008

Can we live in public? I think so. But it’s not for everyone – good post by A VC

I agree, living in public is not for everyone – but I think, overall, it  can be handled – Can We Live In Public? attempts to define what that’s like.  Yeah, I saw the Times Interview – Exposed – though, to be honest, I didn’t fully read it – I skimmed it – I didn’t feel I needed to read the whole thing.

I’d rather read A/VC, to be honest, at least I know a little more about where he’s coming from than Emily Gould, but that’s just me.    I guess, it’s ok, I think to be transparent, as long as there are some things you don’t share.  More from A VC

So, back to the title of this post. Can we live in public? I think so. But it’s not for everyone. And you have to learn how to do it. Josh Harris learned. Emily Gould learned. And a lot other people are learning. My kids are learning as teenagers, with their Facebook profiles and all of the social interaction that happens there. We’ll all make mistakes and I hope they’ll be little ones we can recover from. Sadly, some will make bigger mistakes that will be harder to recover from.

But why live in public? It is necessary? No it is not. But humans are social beings. We were social in caves. We are social in cyberspace. And those who are extroverts will be extroverts online. And there is a lot to be gained from living publicly online. As long as you know where to draw the line.


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