Posted by: Marshall Sponder | May 23, 2008

Groundswell Reviewed

I did a long and penetrating review of the Groundswell book that I’ve been reading, on and off, for the last two months or so, over at – here’s the posts Groundswell – by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff – review – part 1 and Groundswell – by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff – review – part 2.

I wanted to write this review of Groundswell much earlier but didn’t get around to it – I’ve been so busy, really, really busy and I’m having a lot of books being “thrown” at me – faster than I can process (or even want to process) the information.

But the Groundswell book was different – I wanted to slow down and read it carefully, and I did – though towards the end of the book, I found I was losing interest in the material – it seemed to me most of the good stuff was in the first 150 pages, or so – but that’s just me.

I hope everyone reads my two posts on – they’re some of the most thought out posts I’ve done – and believe me – with more than two months to really think about it – and writing all over my signed advanced copy of the book – I have some insights that probably haven’t been mentioned elsewhere.

I also found the book great in some ways, but in others, weak (I felt the Groundswell approach, using Demographics, ignores that reality that behavioral activity is far more of an accurate indicator of what people actually believe and how they’ll actually behave or react to stimuli). I don’t mean drill holes in the book (though I might, through rough handling of the pages of the copy I have with me) but to point out the book is great, it’s just not perfect.

But I definitely think Groundswell is one of the best, if not the best book I’ve read on Social Media – and that’s saying a lot.


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