Posted by: Marshall Sponder | May 20, 2008

Social Media Roundtable – Part 1

I’m here in Toronto today (at the Toronto Hilton) at the Social Media Roundtable (Third Tuesday on Social Media in Toronto – I’ll be there – Updated)- and I’m going to try to summarize here, what I’m absorbing and processing from this meeting of about 30 people. We had a round of introductions and a few of us spoke, including me.

There’s the idea that a Social Media Dashboard is desired – and the discussion will be unstructured.

And my feeling, is there needs to be a Social Media Framework – a way to put all this data into a structure from which we can later, eventually, make a dashboard – much as an artist looks at Mount St. Victorie and make meaning of it (the artist provides the structure) – but now we need something more universal.

Radian6 is attempting to define a standard based on the use of their widgets and Katie Paine mentioned Non Profits are often able to use Social Media more effectively because they don’t “channelize” data as much, have low budgets (so they’re willing to try things that larger companies won’t feel comfortable).

Another brought up that the Advertising and Communications thrive on creativity and there’s a fear Web Analytics will limit the creativity.

The Dashboard might include:






Search Visibility

Quality of contact (is that reputation?)

New Initiators

User Generated Content


Right now, the ordering, bucketing of this list is not important (Yet).  Perhaps we need to determine how we’re going to measure each one of these things qualitative or quantifiable.

More, later.



  1. We provide a dashboard view that offers most of the items on your wish list and analytics that drill a lot deeper on many levels. There’s a free version that is not crippled from as feature POV (it is limited as far as keywords and number of search returns) that anyone can test drive for as long as you want.

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