Posted by: Marshall Sponder | May 20, 2008

Next Level Engagement – Social Media Roundtable – Part 3

See part 1 –Social Media Roundtable – Part 1 and part 2 – Linking social media campaigns to sales of products – Social Media Roundtable – part 2

Dissemination – Viral Aspect (could be termed “breadth” of Engagement); but you can have Engagement without influence.

Looking at Engagement in the Blogosphere – posts, comments, number of times read

Facebook – number of groups created, number of times posts in a group, number of comments

YouTube – comments on YouTube are often useless so weighting them high would not make much sense.

One data point might fit under several measures (breadth).

Engagement measurement that


Unique Comments

Ratio of Commets / Unique Comments

Size of Comments

Rank posts based on the factors above

What about “Interestingness on Flickr” and how it is calculated (it involved the amount of effort and the information assembled).

Also, Engagement may be targeted to specific communities (that was my input).

Influence was also discussed

Inbound Links


Google PageRank

Use Google AdWords and monitor AdWords Impressions

Google Trends

Compete / Alexa Xinureturns (interesting tool)

Most of this can be applied weather you know the person or not.

Topic / Focus (volume of conversation) – conversation of comments that are relevant to your topic.

# of specific Permalinks that occur around a blog post in the blogosphere

Does everyone who talks about your brand an “influencer” or does it apply to specific individuals – but that’s a line that each company has to determine on their own.

We don’t know the off line influence of a blog post.

That concludes the Social Media Roundtable discussion – the White Paper will be ready in about 2 months.


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