Posted by: Marshall Sponder | May 1, 2008

3D HD Stereoscopic Television

I attended the The Future of 3D HD Stereoscopic Television presented by Quantel this morning in Manhattan and I’ll be posting an online video about it when I get a chance.  I also was at the Web Analytics Wednesday last night at AvenueA-Razorfish and I took some footage there as well – I’ll post about both here and at today (if I have time).

Here’s the thing about 3D HD Stereoscopic Television – it’s just a technology and it’s hard for me to get that excited about Technology, by itself.   Putting on what appeared to be regular sun-glasses, I could easily see convincing depth once the room was darkened and the projectors were running – but I didn’t feel that I enjoyed what I was looking at any more than I’d have, had I not had the 3D HD Stereoscopic view (normal state of watching television or movies).

And, most of what was featured was improvements in post production – real time changes that could not have been made before – in other words, faster throughput – more power in correcting defects.

Was it worth getting up 2 hours earlier than usual for me to attend this breakfast?  Maybe, or Maybe not – I did talk with a few people I know and made a few more contacts.

Even if we could buy a TV so equipped today – you have live in Japan, so I’m told – World’s first 46-inch stereoscopic 3D TV from Hyundai on sale in Japan – I think I’d enjoy some things a little more – but it would not honestly change my life:

However, what I saw today was much like this – except projected to a much larger screen – same glasses.

From an Analytics point of view – I’d think there’d be more “engagement” using this technology (until the novelty wears off).



  1. […] For technology to be interesting – it needs to have a message beyond …. my technology is cool. Still glad I went and here’s the video, below, along with my thoughts about what I saw on Thursday morning. I also wrote a post about 3D Television at The Analytics Guru – my personal blog for technology and Web Analytics – 3D HD Stereoscopic Television. […]

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