Posted by: Marshall Sponder | April 21, 2008

Web Analytics Association and Internet Advertising Bureau working together on Web Standards

I’ve known about this for a month or two but a statement was just now released on the WAA site that states The Web Analytics Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau Increase Collaboration on Web Metrics Standards

The WAA and the IAB have historically had different goals for metrics standardization. The WAA’s mission is to foster the growth and evolution of the Web analytics industry by encouraging that the name and definition of each metric is consistent across vendors. This reduces confusion for analytics professionals who are comparing vendors and integrating data from different providers.

The IAB is focused on increasing the reliability, consistency and transparency of the metrics used for buying and selling interactive advertising. The IAB’s Measurement Guidelines include specific technical processes that ensure the validity of interactive advertising currency.

While both the IAB and the WAA work toward standardization of metrics, due to the different missions they have, members of both organizations will benefit from increased communication.

“The partnership and transparency between the WAA and the IAB will ultimately help to abate confusion, which is exactly why we both advocate standards in the first place,” said Jim Sterne, founding chairman of the WAA. “While it is inevitable there will be differences in the methods we use and the standards we endorse, we each know about those differences and are able to educate our members before the public announcement is made.”

“We are very pleased to collaborate with the WAA,” said Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the IAB. “While our missions are different we share the goal of building the interactive marketplace.”

I’ll be in San Francisco the week after next and part of a panel on May 4th tiled – WAA Measurement Panel – Website, Advertising and Audience taking place at the Palace Hotel during the afternoon- and I believe the admission is free to this panel – unlike the rest of the events during Emetrics.

WAA Measurement Panel – Website, Advertising and Audience

Are you confused about the number of customers visiting your website? Are the metrics reported by your web analytics tool different from the metrics reported by your online media, or by audience measurement organizations? The WAA invites eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit attendees and the local San Francisco business community of web marketers, publishers and agencies to attend this community meeting. A panel of experts will discuss the value of the metrics, methods and tools used by web analytics practitioners, online advertising media and audience measurement organizations. Find out how-to use these metrics and tools to better understand your customers, your website’s competitive standing and overall website value.


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